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Jewelry and the Reasons to Wear It 

Jewelry and the Reasons to Wear It  - The Tribal Swag
Everyone likes jewelry, since ages and eons, kings and the masses, everyone likes jewels, men and women alike. So, what are some of the reasons wh...

Benefits of Wearing Jewelry

Benefits of Wearing Jewelry - The Tribal Swag
  The men and women wear jewelry in order to add a special touch to their looks, to display a symbol of their wealth as well as taste. Women wear ...

Our Relation With Jewelry

Our Relation With Jewelry - The Tribal Swag
  Jewelry has always held a place of significance in most cultures around the world. Today, we shall focus on our relation with jewelry. It is giv...

Science Behind wearing Jewelry

Science Behind wearing Jewelry - The Tribal Swag
      Who doesn’t like jewelry? A trinket here, a bauble there. From hand-me-downs to self-purchased pieces, jewelry has always held a place of s...