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Science Behind wearing Jewelry


Science behind jewelry The Tribal Swag


Who doesn’t like jewelry? A trinket here, a bauble there. From hand-me-downs to self-purchased pieces, jewelry has always held a place of significance in most cultures around the world. 

Today, we shall focus on how jewelry is valued by those who covet it.

What is the importance of jewelry?

Jewelry has always been of immense importance in the lives of people, both young and old, especially women. It is given and received as a gift at festivals and other auspicious occasions. It is also considered to be extremely significant in enhancing the beauty and personality of a woman as well as an important factor in completing an outfit. Jewelry is considered highly necessary in most cultures and religions, especially when it comes to marriage and the life after marriage for a lot of women.
Other than the aesthetic pleasure it brings to its owners, jewelry is also seen as an important investment. In times of economic difficulties, it is often a financial instrument that one may rely upon. It is also seen as a symbol of wealth and prosperity.  

For people, the bond with jewelry is emotional. 

Across the world, there exist different traditions and reasonings behind what type of jewelry is to be worn and why. 

Let’s dive into some of them now:

Metal and Climate 

When one is in the process of purchasing jewelry, two important factors to be considered are the kind of metal to be used and the climate in which the particular piece of jewelry is to be worn.

A bad combination of either of the two can result in a skin reaction if the metal does not suit the skin of the wearer. As far as the jewelry is concerned, it will go through extreme damage which will render it unwearable and reduce its value. 
When it comes to extremely warm weather, to avoid having the jewelry you wear stick to your skin, choose small, delicate pieces like tops for your ears or thin bracelets for your wrists. Silver jewelry is known to have a cooling effect on the body. In warm regions, a lot of people tend to opt for jewelry made out of silver. 

Which metals are the best for making jewelry?

Gold, silver, and platinum continue to be considered the best metals to have jewelry made thanks to their ductility and malleability. What this means is that the tiniest amount of these metals can be used to create various shapes and designs. These metals also do not tarnish easily, so they seldom lose their luster. Being considered precious metals, their possible use as currency makes them more valuable. 
Other metals commonly used include brass, copper, and aluminum, but their popularity is lower compared to the three precious metals. 

 Platinum Rhinestone necklace  Hepburn red gold earrings Pig nose silver necklace

What role does climate play in jewelry maintenance?

When it comes to storing and wearing jewelry, climate plays an important role because extreme temperatures can lead to deterioration in the appearance of the pieces. If the metal gets too hot, it may bend or warp causing damage to the piece. Thus, the jewelry should be stored in a cool and dark place and should be regularly checked for wear and tear.

What metal jewelry should you wear?

According to astrology, every metal relates to a particular purpose. For example, gold is related to mental and physical strength and prosperity. Silver is considered to be linked with the Moon and it is advised that people experiencing a conflict between their mind and their heart should think about wearing a gemstone studded in silver jewelry. 

Birth dates are also considered to be of extreme importance when deciding which jewelry and which metal is to be worn. Consult an astrologer who will study the planets according to your date of birth and your horoscope to advise you about the jewelry, stone, and metal that best suit your needs and problems. 
Though, it should be stated that if you are not one to adhere to any of these beliefs, you should be comfortable in picking out jewelry you like and wearing it how you prefer. 

Gemstones and Jewelry

Marilyn Monroe once said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. 
She has not yet been proved wrong. 

Gemstones are not only attractive but also hold significance in the lives of people. Some are considered important for their healing properties, and some for their ability to ward off evil. They bring about good luck, fertility, and prosperity. Some help control anger. Others help bring peace.

So, you may well conclude that gemstones hold deep meaning in the minds of the people who wear them.

This brings us to the following question:

What gemstones should you wear?

According to astrology, gemstones are considered to be extremely important in the lives of humans. They are linked to planets and birthdates and are believed to affect the health and prosperity of people. The color of the gemstone plays a crucial role as well with different colors representing different attributes like happiness, prosperity, health, love, spirituality, calmness, and courage. A person should consider all these factors before deciding to wear a gemstone on their fingers. This applies to wearing such jewelry for extended periods. When it comes to special occasions and you want to make a statement with those gorgeous earrings you recently purchased from The Tribal Swag, go ahead and do so without any hesitation! 

People have worn gemstones for thousands of years and consult their astrologers to this day to decide whether a gemstone should be worn by them or not. Important factors to determine this include the astrological charts of a person (their horoscope), their age, and marital status.

 Blue sapphire bracelet Garnet orange stone ring  Green Amazonite necklace Peridot crystal ring   


Pearls, for example, hold great significance in the minds of people. So, should you wear a pearl?

Pearls are considered to be of extreme value as they are believed to have an impact on a person’s health, prosperity, and knowledge. The star sign of a person, the benefits they seek, as well as the time and day they should wear a pearl play an important role in deciding who should be wearing pearls. 
Signs such as Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces should wear pearls whereas signs like Leo, Libra, and Sagittarius should wear them only under special circumstances. Other signs are advised to not wear any. One should consult professionals when deciding to wear a pearl as even the fingers on which one wears them play an important role. 

Black pearl Mosaic ring pearl chain flower necklace the tribal swag  Pearl chain bracelet Pearl Ear stud


In conclusion, we can say that jewelry holds special significance culturally, religiously, financially, historically as well as spiritually. People feel happier when they connect with their heritage and roots and thus, with the turn of the century, it is common to see them look towards wearing jewelry to feel closer to their culture as well as pay their respects to it. Jewelry is an everlasting way to enhance the personality and looks of an individual. It also has noteworthy investment value in many countries and cultures and it can be a savior for people and their families in times of need.


1. Can I wear any type of gemstone?

It is advised that you consult an astrologer to know which gemstones will suit you, if you are looking to wear something for extended periods. In the short term, say, for a wedding or a party, feel free to wear what you like. 

2. Does imitation jewelry have the same spiritual effects as real jewelry?

You’re in luck! Imitation jewelry should be your go-to if you want to wear a piece for a long time, without having to bother about how it will affect you spiritually. 


3. Can a combination of precious metals be used to make jewelry?  

There are many types of necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and other pieces of jewelry that are made with a combination of two metals or more. In some religions, it is believed that wearing jewelry made out of three metals will bring prosperity to the wearer. 

So, of course, a combination of precious metals can be used to make jewelry. 

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