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Benefits of Wearing Jewelry

Benefits of wearing jewelry


The men and women wear jewelry in order to add a special touch to their looks, to display a symbol of their wealth as well as taste. Women wear jewelry on some significant occasions in their life: their weddings, religious and matrimonial ceremonies as well as anniversaries. 
Furthermore, people and their beliefs in astrology also lead them towards jewelry with special attention and care given to the metal used as well as the stone encrusted in it. Read more about this here

Jewelry for specific body parts:

Different kinds of jewelry are worn in different parts of the body for numerous reasons. 

Let’s go over a few of them below:


A necklace is an extremely elegant piece of jewelry. It has been worn by men and women in the past as well as today. It is believed to be helpful in maintaining blood pressure and is supposed to help in controlling emotions as well as strengthening love. A necklace worn with encrusted gems and stones can be beneficial to the body as well as the mind as it is believed to keep negative and hypnotic energy away. Furthermore, since they are worn close to the heart, necklaces help in maintaining blood pressure and heart rate. Have a look here.


Earrings are an extremely common piece of jewelry. They can be worn every day as well as on special occasions. They go well with all sorts of clothing. They work well in enhancing the look and the outfit of the wearer. Apart from these reasons, ears are also believed to be linked to the kidney, the cervix, and the bladder and thus, are believed to be beneficial to the health and well-being of women. Thus wearing earrings is believed to help in maintaining a proper menstrual cycle. Furthermore, earrings are supposed to boost alertness in the person wearing them. This is why women tend to get their ears pierced at a very young age and begin to wear earrings. For men, it is believed that earrings help in boosting sperm production. Have a look here.

On arms and wrists:

Bangles are also one of the most popular kinds of jewelry. Flashy ones in gold can be worn for special occasions such as weddings and festivals whereas a more minimalistic one can be worn every day to work to give a sense of style to the outfit. Bangles are looked upon as instruments to boost and recharge the body’s energy levels. Those made in silver help boost immunity, relieve anxiety and act as an excellent body heat regulator. Apart from that, according to astrology and ancient Indian beliefs, wearing jewelry on the arms and wrists helps in blood circulation for women. Due to constant friction between the skin and a bangle that one may wear, a constant level of blood circulation is maintained. Have a look here.

On fingers:

Rings are one of the most worn pieces of jewelry by both men and women, married or unmarried. Rings can symbolize matrimony and are commonly worn on the fourth finger from the thumb (of the left hand). This tradition goes back centuries- the Ancient Romans believed that there exists a vein there that is directly linked to the heart. Rings on other fingers are worn for various benefits. Different rings encrusted with different gemstones are worn in accordance with the health benefits they are believed to provide. Gold rings create certain vibrations in the body that lead to a soothing effect being felt all over. They are good for calming anxiety. They increase blood flow and the overall circulation of oxygen in the body. Have a look here.


Toe rings are widely worn and one of the main reasons is that it helps in maintaining and regulating the menstrual cycle in women. There is a link between the toes, the arteries and the nervous system which is why several women wear them. Most toe rings are made of silver and are believed to be able to absorb positive energy from the earth and pass it into the body of the woman wearing it. Due to their antibacterial properties, toe rings made out of gold are instrumental in reducing infections in the feet.


Wearing an anklet might be a great remedy for you If you frequently experience leg pain, numbness, tingling, or general weakness in your legs. Wearing an anklet is particularly more helpful, especially with leg pain that originates from your lower back pain, traveling through your buttocks, down to your sciatic. Explore the collection here.


Piercing on the nose results in reducing the distressing energy that has a negative influence on our system. In women, it helps in improving reproductive organs and reduces infertilityNose pin could be worn either on the left or the right side of the nose.

However, the Vedas say that women should wear nose pin on the left side as it is connected to the reproductive system. Ayurveda states that these nerves are stimulated when the left side of the nose is pierced. It would make the uterus healthier and would ease the menstrual cramps and even the labor pain too. Explore the collection here.


Waistbands, or as they are more commonly known, belly belts, are pieces of jewelry not commonly worn. Brushing aside everyday wear, they are passed on from generation to generation and worn on ceremonious and auspicious occasions. Not only do they enhance the figure, the outfit, the style, and the look of the women who wear them, but they are also beneficial in preventing fat from being deposited in that area and thus, help women in preventing fat gain while maintaining an overall figure.

Thus, there exist many reasons which an individual may wish to wear jewelry.



1. What is a good gift when it comes to jewelry?

It depends on the person who shall be receiving it as a gift. Their likes and tastes when it comes to jewelry will determine what you select for them.

One must also pay attention to their birthstones as well as sun signs before making a purchase if they have faith in astrology and may have religious reasons for wearing jewelry.

Women may be gifted earrings, bangles as well as rings while men can be presented with cuff-links and rings. There are some cute options available here for you to pick from! 

2. How do I get to know which metal to buy?

It is recommended to speak to a professional who is an expert in the field, as they will guide you as to the best stone and metal combination. 

For those in warm areas, jewelry made out of silver jewelry works best because of its cooling properties.

Wearing gold jewelry helps to maintain your body temperature and restores it in case of chills, hot flashes, and night sweats.

3. Should I wear jewelry to bed?

It's best not to. Do not sleep with your jewelry on. When you get ready for bed your jewelry should be the first thing you take off.

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