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Our Relation With Jewelry

Our relation with jewelry The Tribal Swag


Jewelry has always held a place of significance in most cultures around the world.

Today, we shall focus on our relation with jewelry. It is given and received as a gift at festivals and other auspicious occasions. It is also considered to be extremely significant in enhancing the beauty and personality of a woman as well as an important factor in completing an outfit. For people, the bond with jewelry is emotional.

Our Relation With Jewelry

Women and Jewelry

“I have enough jewelry”, said no woman ever. This is a popular quote that highlights the noteworthy place that jewelry occupies in the lives of women.

Women have been wearing jewelry since time immemorial and have been doing it per their culture, religion, family, and regional customs as well as marital status.

Different jewelry pieces have been linked to spirituality, love, strength, marriage, and fertility. For example, bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces especially ones made with gold and encrusted with precious diamonds or gemstones are widely popular.

But apart from customs, jewelry also has a strong connection with economic stability and inheritance. Women invest in jewelry intending to have security in times of need for the family as well as for presenting it as an inheritance or gift to their daughters and daughters-in-law.

In times of economic difficulties, jewelry sales can be of extreme importance, and thus, we see families investing in it to secure their future as the financial value of jewelry, especially that made in gold, is seen to have always increased over time.

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Men and Jewelry

Men nowadays have begun to pay more attention to these factors and thus, we see them wear rings, chains as well as bracelets according to suitable metals and gemstones encrusted in them.

Stylists and designers have also begun to advise men on wearing jewelry pieces that accentuate their sense of style at work as well as on special occasions. Numerous articles and blogs are written about this to encourage men to wear jewelry, reducing the stigma around it. Watches are considered to be an extremely important piece of jewelry for men and can be a symbol of their social status.

In conclusion, Over the ages, jewelry has become associated with being worn solely by women, but that is far from the truth. Men can and should wear it as it enhances their personality, complements their look, and has therapeutic properties if suitable gemstones and metals are worn (according to astrology, at least). History has seen kings in different kingdoms wear jewelry as a symbol of their wealth, prosperity, knowledge as well as spirituality.

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1. What metal jewelry to gift your partner?
Anything that he might like. Wearing any metal has its benefits like silver, platinum, or gold. Like gold alleviates symptoms related to diseases. It also gives a boost to one’s confidence which makes them feel good about themselves. You can gift your partner a beautiful piece from here.

2. How does it help to wear gold jewelry every day?
Gold regulates your body temperature, contributes to better overall health, and improves immunity. People in cold regions should wear gold as it gives heat to the body. Check out our gold jewelry here.

3. Why do couples wear rings?
  • To avoid any unwanted attention
  • Symbol of attachment, love, and affection
  • Symbol of commitment to your significant other

Your relation has nothing to do with the perfect diamond ring or gold or any other metal. What matters most is the love between two spouses, not the ring that you gift. You can buy a cute ring for your partner here.

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